Publish Articles to Promote Your Book

Wise writers contribute articles to the media to promote their books. Given changes in the media today, book marketing programs are becoming more creative, and article writing is part of it. It’s one thing to ask the media to take time to cover your book – which adds to their workload. It’s another to produce an article they can run and lighten their workload. It’s easy to see which approach has the better chance of succeeding. For you, getting the bio at the end of your article provides an excellent spot to plug your book. When someone has just read your article and enjoyed it, you’ve already sparked their interest.

Savvy authors write articles on topics related to their books but not necessarily the same. In a few cases, a chapter might become a stand-alone article, but it’s more common for the article to be unique. When you can help a reader segue from an article to buying and reading your book, you’ve closed a sale. When your article ends up online, which they all do today, it stays forever and is indexed by search engines. They can bring you new readers for years to come and help your book rack up significant sales over the years. Many successful books sell steadily for many months or years.

Some media may edit your article for length or other reasons, but it’s still in your best interest to submit it error-free. Getting across your professionalism will help you be invited to make future contributions and pave the way for your first piece to be published. As you are writing, it’s wise to keep the audience in mind because it varies by outlet. You want something readers will find compelling and unique, but keeping it understandable is vital. Submitting a piece on a carefully selected topic also shows the media you understand them and take things seriously. They are also ways to improve your chances of success.

Authors today communicate directly with their readers online through social media, blog posts, and podcasts. When you publish an article, promoting it through your own channels is also helpful. Some media ask about the size of your social media following before deciding to work with you. Marketing today is about cross-pollination and appearing in many places at once. If you can time the publication of one or more articles to your book release month, it’s always a plus. The trick is to raise your visibility and gently mention your book in as many channels as possible, especially during the launch period.

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