Best Granny Flat Builder in Sydney

“Brickwoodhomes” is one of the leading granny flat builders in Sydney.

Are you ready to add a distinctive granny flat to optimize the space in your backyard? Whether your goals are a teen’s lair, an elder family member’s retreat, or a prudent investment property, Backyard Grannys offers a modern solution to meet your demands.

2 bedroom granny flats provide cozy yet spacious living quarters for residents.

As a reputable company with years of experience specialized in granny flats, we always provide excellent service and workmanship to help you get the most out of your investment. You can unwind knowing that your granny apartment will be built within your allocated budget, at the highest standard, and on time.

All throughout Sydney, including Central Sydney, the Northern Beaches, Western Sydney, and the neighboring areas, we have built granny apartments. covering everything from studio apartments and creative pool house designs to family- and investor-friendly rental properties.

Building a Granny flat in Sydney

Building a granny flat in Sydney presents unique challenges as well as opportunities. Often, we deal with tight locations and sloping terrain that necessitate significant site or design modifications that are best left to granny flat specialists. Our in-house design team manages the entire approvals process, from the initial concept to design, engineering, and council approval. We may modify any of our designs to satisfy your unique site requirements and design goals.

Popular Sydney Granny Flat Designs

We have witnessed the backyard designs that our clients made after years of creating granny flats. One common trend we have seen is the use of brick on the exterior of our structures. It provides extra thermal and acoustic protection, making it a great choice for granny flats near highways. We have concluded from a great number of covenant titles that brick and tile granny flats are often required to blend in with the surrounding area.

2 bedroom granny flats offer comfortable living spaces with ample room for residents.