Importance of Tracking Time And Attendance In Field Operations Teams

Let’s face it – time is the #1 valuable and exhausting resource we have. A business can always make more money, but never more time. Therefore, every hour counts, and every change made to optimise time management in any time makes a world of a difference. 


In field operations, tracking and managing time manually is daunting, specifically because of the lack of personal contact. Therefore, using a field workforce management software with a time and attendance tracking system is crucial. It’ll help you automate the process and do away with manual errors. 


But first, in this article, let us talk about the specific reasons why time and attendance management are so important on the field. 


Importance Of Tracking Field Executives’ Time and Attendance 

Most of the productivity – be it in the office or on the field extends to 6 hours max, with the average being around 3-4 hours. Therefore, it is important to understand where that productive time goes,how long the employees are on the field and how many days a week they’re active. Here are some in-detailed reasons why it is so important to maintain time and attendance tracking in field operations


  1. Boosts Field Force Team’s Productivity 

Time tracking shows the bigger and clearer picture regarding what everyone is doing on the field. It shows the time employees are taking in fulfilling their tasks and time they are spending on other non-productive yet essential activities – such as documentation and travelling. 


Having a good attendance tracking system also helps you have a good idea about how many leaves an executive is taking and if that is affecting the team;s productivity. TrackoField’s attendance management system also helps you track the exact mark-in and mark-out times to see if everyone is on schedule. 


If it is after recognising these factors that you can understand where and how you can work with your team to improve productivity on the field. 


  1. Understanding Accurate Task Hours 

Knowing the exact working hours spent on tasks can become a key factor in determining efficiency on the field. 


But you need to tread carefully with this one – because on the surface, this might seem to be micromanagement. When done the right way, you should be able to get a decent idea of which tasks take how much time – allowing you to plan better in the future.


  1. Gaining Genuine Attendance Insights 

Time and attendance tracking through software within field operations helps you get authentic insights into your team’s attendance data. By consistently recording the hours spent by executives on the field, you gain an unfiltered glimpse into their contribution in the field. 


Moreover, geo-tagged mark-ins and mark-outs allow you to automate your payroll process in association with a payroll management software. It also does away with any possibilities of time theft on the field. 


  1. Adds Transparency and Accountability 

The time and attendance tracking comes in handy when you use it to boost visibility in your team. Now, what this visibility does is that you get to build an environment of healthy competition within the team. 


Moreover, since everyone knows that their time and attendance are being monitored, executives are likely to have a stronger sense of accountability. After all, whatever they do is reflected directly to their name. 


All this healthy competition and accountability through transparency is perfect if you want to instil higher motivation in your team and get stronger results. 


  1. Data-driven Executive Skill Assessment

Once you are able to track your executives’ time on the field and correlate that data with their tasks, each executives’ strong and weak suits become apparent. For example, if an executive is able to collect leads quicker than others, or someone is able to convert faster than others – you just know they are the people to assign similar tasks to in the future. 


This is a splendid way to boost efficiency in your field operations team while also fostering the culture of ‘right man in the right job’. 


  1. Optimises Operations and Saves Money 

Time and attendance tracking will give you enough insights on where your operations can be optimised. And the more the optimization, the more resources you’d be saving. And the more resources you save, the higher the bottom line would be. 


For example, if you niche down for your executives, they’ll be saving time in performing tasks, and hence conducting some extra tasks than before – helping you save money and build a bigger client-base over time. 


Summing Up

Time and attendance management are crucial for any team – not to helicopter parent your executives, but to get data points that you can leverage to boost your team’s productivity and efficiency


So, what are you waiting for? Get a field force management software like TrackoField now! With its real-time tracking tools and leave and attendance management solutions, you can always stay a step ahead of your competition through highly optimised operation.

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