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QuickBooks Data Compression Services facility gives you the advantage in case of heavy data files and improves PC performance. You can benefit in multiple ways using the Quickbooks Condense data services. You now would be wondering how you can use this feature to the best. In that case, you are at the right place to discover the same. We are going to give you the reason to use the condensing feature along with the steps to use it for your business. Read the complete blog to get all the details from this informative blog.


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Why to Condense QuickBooks Company File

There are various benefits you can avail of using Condense QuickBooks Company File. A few common advantages are listed below: 


  1. You have a large data size, making it tough for your PC to function properly.

  2. You have almost hit the list limit allowed.

  3. You have recently got the update of all your hardware.


Now that you know the reasons, you can proceed to Condense the data with ease. 


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Steps to Utilize Compress Data in QuickBooks

For Quickbooks Desktop 2018 and earlier, you can use the below-provided steps from us to compress data in QuickBooks:


  1. Double-clicking the QuickBooks desktop icon will launch the program.

  2. Once the program window opens on the device, click on the file tab and then follow it by clicking on the utility option.

  3. The next stop is the Condensed data.

  4. In the first Windows, you have to click on Transaction before a specific date and enter the required date.

  5. Now tick the box beside Optional: Create a report showing which transactions cannot be removed.

  6. Next, you need to select Summarize inventory transactions.

  7. Select how you want your inventory to be condensed, and after choosing the same, hit the next button. 

  8. Again, after choosing the transaction group that you want to remove, hit Next again.

  9. Now click on Begin condense; this will not proceed with condensing but will run the report only.

  10. At this stage, you can fix the transactions required to be fixed.


You can proceed with the below steps to correct a transaction:


  • Click on the link of the transaction from the report run by the Begin condense option.

  • For Example, If a transaction is about an invoice showing unpaid. Selecting the link will bring it to the screen, and you can add it to the credits list.

  • Next, just save the changes and click Next.


Note: Your company files will be at no risk while in the process of compressing data in QuickBooks. Hence, you need not worry about it; a backup will be made for the same. 



The steps provided above, performed carefully, will surely help you in using the QuickBooks Data Compression Services. If you are still unable to use the service or are stuck doing any of the steps above, reach out to our experts for help. Dial 



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