The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Baby Clothes

When you have a baby, you inevitably add a lot of daily tasks, such as buying milk powder, diapers, clothes, etc. You need to develop a pair of golden eyes to help your baby choose the right one.

When many new mothers choose clothes for their babies, they look at the dazzling array of shelves or page after page of web pages and have no idea where to start.

Now let’s talk about buying clothes for your baby

When buying clothes for your baby, the first thing to consider is the baby’s skin quality. Because the baby’s skin is relatively delicate, pure cotton materials should be chosen for the baby’s clothes.

There are many common clothing materials on the market, including cotton, linen, silk, woolen, leather, and chemical fibers.

But because pure cotton fabric is soft and has good breathability, moisture absorption, heat preservation, and heat resistance, it is more suitable for babies to wear.

In this case, even if the baby sweats and there is no time to wipe it off, the sweat can still be absorbed by the clothes.

But you should also pay attention to changing them in time, otherwise, once they are close to saturation, they will become soaked in water.

Which will turn the advantages of pure cotton clothes into disadvantages. You can also visit at Joy of Dress discount code NHS.

So how to tell whether baby clothes are made of pure cotton?

  1. Look at the label. When purchasing, pay attention to the cotton content marked on the clothing label and choose one with 100% cotton content.
  2. Look at the elasticity. When you pull it with your hands, the pure cotton fabric pulls less and rebounds slowly.
  3. Do “experiments”. Take a small piece of fabric and light it, judging by the degree of burning. Pure cotton fabrics will not shrink when brought close to a fire source, but they can quickly ignite once connected to a fire source.

And the area of ​​pure cotton will not shrink during the burning process, just like burning paper. After burning, there is only fine ash to the touch with no particles.

However, when we buy clothes, we can’t cut off a piece and burn it for testing, so we have to work hard in other aspects.

In addition to looking at the labels and feel, when buying clothes for your baby, try to choose some larger manufacturers and buy them in regular stores.

Second, when choosing clothes for your baby, you must also consider practicality. Otherwise, it will be useless if you buy a bunch of fancy clothes that your baby cannot wear. This includes the number, size, and thickness of the clothes.

Choose one with moderate thickness

It is often seen that the babies brought up by grandparents are wrapped in three layers inside and three outside, just like making rice dumplings, because they are afraid of the baby getting cold.

In fact, the more clothes your baby wears, the better. The thicker the clothes, the better.

If the baby wears too much and too thick clothes, it will not only prevent heat dissipation but also easily cause skin diseases.

It will also restrict the baby’s activities and be detrimental to the baby’s growth and development. If the baby wears too little, it will be easy to catch a cold.

You can buy some thin, medium-thick, and thick clothes for your baby, which can be freely matched in different seasons.

If you are afraid that the baby will be cold in winter, you can help the baby wear thicker clothes, but you don’t need to wrap them all up, as long as the baby is warm enough. Buyers save more at Matalan discount code NHS.

So how much is appropriate?

Many people will habitually touch their baby’s hands. If the baby’s hands are cold, they will automatically recognize that the baby is cold and not dressed warmly enough.

In fact, because the baby’s heart function and central nervous system are not yet fully developed, the blood supply to the hands is insufficient, so they will be cooler than in other places and feel cold to the touch.

To judge whether the baby is warm enough, we only need to feel the temperature of the baby’s back neck with our hands. If the temperature is moderate, neither cold nor too hot, it means the baby is wearing appropriate clothes.

In the same way, if the back of your baby’s neck is cold, it means your baby is not dressed enough.

If the back of the baby’s neck is a little moist, it means the baby is wearing too much and is a little hot.

Knowing these dressing principles, when we buy clothes for our baby, we can choose clothes that are relatively suitable for the baby’s thickness.

Choose clothes of the right size

Some parents also tend to buy clothes that are a few sizes larger for their babies so that they can wear them longer, and longer clothes can be worn more tightly in winter.

But clothes that are too big will affect the baby’s activities, especially pants, and babies who can walk can easily trip.

After all, clothes that are too big don’t fit well. They look like you’re wearing a lot, but their actual warmth retention properties may not be as good as those that fit well.

Moreover, if you buy clothes that are too big, they will not fit you when they are new, and they will become old clothes when they fit you.

It will look like your baby has never had suitable clothes. Therefore, just buy clothes of moderate size for your baby.

Number of clothes

The baby’s growth rate is very fast. As long as parents observe carefully if the baby has passed a period of rapid growth, you will find that the baby’s clothes seem to have become shorter.

So when we buy clothes for our baby, we don’t need to buy too much.

You sweat a lot in the summer and need to change them frequently. You can buy two more sets and just change enough in the winter.

If I buy too much, sometimes I can’t even wear it and it’s too short. There’s no need for that.

You don’t need to buy clothes for your baby too much in advance

Some mothers like to buy winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter. Buying them at a better price when the seasons change.

There is no problem if it is adult clothes, but there is no need for baby clothes.

The time difference is too long, and many times I can’t even estimate the baby’s height at that time.

After all, it’s not good if it’s too long or too short, and it’s just useless if the clothes don’t fit properly. Customers also view at Look Fantastic discount code NHS.

A lazy mother once tried it. She bought a lot of baby clothes during the seasonal change in a maternal and child clothing store. As a result, when the season for the clothes came, the sizes were not suitable.

Some were already short, and some were not worn yet. On the Internet, goods that seem cheap but cannot be used are a waste.

When buying clothes for your baby, try to choose simple ones

Baby clothes occasionally have some decorations, such as pearls and sequins.

Although it embellishes clothes, it is not necessarily a good thing for babies.

Because babies are very curious when they come to the world and are currently in the stage of exploring the world. They will put everything they can grab with their fingers into their mouths, which can easily cause suffocation.

Similarly, if the buttons are not fixed properly, there is a risk of swallowing and choking.

Some clothes have strings on the hood, which is also not good.

Therefore, when parents buy baby clothes, they should choose clothes with simple and elegant styles and no other decorations.

What should I do after buying clothes?

Check carefully

When buying clothes, first carefully check the threads, buttons, decorations, etc. on the clothes.

The baby’s skin is soft and relatively fragile, and a thin wire has a strong cutting force on the baby’s skin.

Once the baby’s hands and feet are entangled with thin threads, it will cause blood circulation and even risk amputation in the long term.

Therefore, parents should do more checks, especially socks, gloves, etc., and cut off the threads in time.

If your baby cries for no apparent reason, except when the baby is sick, hungry, or peeing, you should take off all the baby’s clothes and carefully check whether there are any thin threads wrapped around the baby’s body parts.

Wash first and then wear

Before the clothes are bought, they are piled in the warehouse. I don’t know how many processes they have gone through, and they have been exposed to many places during the sale process. They are very dirty.


After buying it, be sure to wash it first. You can soak it in salt water for a while, then wash it by hand, and put it in the sun to dry fully before putting it on your baby.