These Times You Should Not Text Your Date

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Let’s agree to the reality that finding true love these days is more challenging than getting a government job. Today you will hardly find anyone who has the ability to accept the nature of true love. You can say that lust has taken over love, and hookups are the only thing that folks want these days. In this age, social media largely determines a person’s character, personality, and overall quality of life. We belong to the generation that essentially invented the idea of speed dating and breakups in general.

In today’s world, phone calls and text messages have evolved into the cupid in disguise. Now, relationships have become a mixture of mess, insecurities, and difficulties. Girls frequently believe that the initial flutters and happy times signify love. They sacrifice everything—their peace, their time, and even their energy—to focus on one particular relationship. Sincerity dictates that is when one stumbles the most. They rush into things and don’t take things to step by step, especially when they are expressing their emotions at their most vulnerable. Texting can literally put a relationship in danger in a number of situations. Carefully read them out loud.

Times When You Should Not Text Him

When You Are Drunk

Booze and love have a complicated history that can go either way. But since we’re all here to rescue you, we think that texting while drinking is a really horrible idea. You don’t become more vulnerable because you tell them how much you miss or want to be with them. Let’s face it, this place gives the other person the impression that he has won your heart and will begin to treat you casually.

Right After The First Date

Have you ever wondered why old-school romance lasts longer? Well, because both girls and boys have the same patience level. Let him text you first to see if he’s actually into you. You can then pick up the conversational baton and move it forward. If you text first, he can get the impression that you’re becoming overly reliant on him.

You Are When Angry

Once a person has been in a relationship with someone for a while, one can reveal their honest and emotional side. Turn off your phone and, no matter what, “do not text,” if you’re in the wrong frame of mind and are beyond mad.

When You Miss Him Off The Limits

We understand that the volcano of your love is undoubtedly erupting inside of you, in your heart, but you are under no obligation to pour it out in front of him right away. It’s not as if we aren’t encouraging you to express yourself, but wait until your relationship has matured before telling him everything. Or otherwise, to be completely honest, he’ll think you’re quite the “chipku” and lose interest in this relationship.